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DIYchain based on the global market, build an open and win-win global C2M peer to peer trading platform

Five Great Ecosystem

DIYchain uses block chaining technology to establish an open closed loop for credit, traceability, transaction, payment and arbitration

Transaction credit

Based on the unalterable property of block chain, an unalterable transaction credit record is formed for consumers and producers, a transaction credit data pool is established by using user consultation and transaction consultation, and the user's transaction trust identity is established.

Copyright traceability

The copyright traceability system of E-commerce products will be established, and the products on the whole chain will be authenticated by copyright. After the authentication, the unique and unauthorized copyright label of the whole chain will be formed, and the product copyright will be strongly protected by copyright protection.

Intelligent payment

DIYChain will issue digital assets (DIY) belonging to the e-commerce trading industry, and establish a proprietary digital wallet for the e-commerce industry. At the same time, it will use lightning network as a network basis to reduce intermediate links and speed up transaction payment.

After sale arbitration

After the sale, arbitration is initiated through the distributed node structure of the memory block chain, and the whole chain dynamically matches a certain number of nodes to participate in arbitration evaluation, so as to improve the fairness and reliability of arbitration.

Data opening

By making use of the open and transparent characteristics of memory block chains, data are shared in the form of hierarchical sharing and voting sharing, and data barriers are broken through, information sharing across the industry is realized, and mutual cooperation is achieved to further enhance the efficiency of the entire industry.

Landing Application

DIYchain has built SaaS, applet landing applications in custom e-commerce and DIY wallet H5 applications

Customized production SaaS system based on customized e-commerce provides basic data services and startup users for DIYchain basic public chains

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Custom SaaS

Seamless links between customized
products and customized SaaS

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Custom Applet

H5 wallet with DIY balance management
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Custom Applet

Three Major Innovation Systems

DIYchain realizes 3 innovations of mode, technology and value

Development Plan

DIYchain is doing things along the path of achievement and sustainability

2017 Research
2018 Development
2019 Perfect
2020 Go online


Q4: project investigation


Q1:project approval, member building Q2:Custom DAPP-SaaS, small program on-line Q3:complete the design and development of public chain architecture. Q4:developing transaction credit reporting system


Q1: developing intelligent payment system Q2: developing an after sale arbitration system. Q3: developing data open system Q4: complete the public chain migration, the whole platform on-line.


Q1: Custom DAPP application online Continuous development and global promotion of underlying public chains


DIYchain is an extraordinary person who has accumulated experience in the business, technology and custom industries

Chingiz Founder and CEO

Chingiz Worked as a senior researcher at a research institute and a senior memory block chain researcher.

Lance Winstein Operation leader in Europe and America

Lance Winstein Worked as a director of marketing in a well-known business company, and has 2 years of experience in memory block chain operation.

Varun Kapoor Technical Director

Varun Kapoor The main research areas are block chain and Internet of things, and 6 years of development experience of block chain.

Janyoung Foundation Chairman

Janyoung With two patents authorized by the state, won the Hubei Science and Technology Department of science and technology entrepreneurship project, has a wealth of customized supply chain and landing experience.


DIYchain has a strong consultant team.

Wang Ye

six ho venture capital President & partner, Harvard University MBA, Shanghai University of Jiaotong University, once worked in BCG, IBM, Siemens, etc.

Chen Ba

six ho venture partners, MIT master of computer science and MBA, Tsinghua undergraduate, worked in Oracle Corp for software development.

Du Ting

founder of technology incubator demo++, Ph.D. of Xi'an Jiao Tong University, undergraduate course of North post, Ink ink chain, original block chain early investor.

Wu Tung

Ph.D. in finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, honorary consultant of Asian block chain society.

Xu Gang

Ministry of industry, China Software Industry Association special block chain special committee experts, cloud chain technology founder, cloud wallet founder.

Zhang Xiao Jun

the curtain raising capital partner, founder of Turing fund, former Angel Bay venture capital, Lanshan investment and investment director, co founder of Coin Ring headlines.

Cooperative Partner

DIYchain has achieved comprehensive strategic cooperation with the world's leading media, community, project partners and exchanges

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DIY chain - Global peer to peer trading platform based on block chain technology

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