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Lock repurchase online notice

views:221 2019-03-01

Distinguished DIY users:

DIYchain has been online repurchase function in DIY web wallet on March 1, 2019, please meet the repurchase conditions of users timely repurchase processing.

Repurchase conditions and instructions:

Locking warehouse for more than 180 days

Lock-in amount will be divided into an average of 36 months for repurchase, only once a month, and can not be repurchased in advance in the following months.

The form of repurchase is USDT, that is, the corresponding amount of USDT can be withdrawn monthly to the USDT account, and then withdrawn through USDT.

Repurchase process:

1. Users go to DIY Web Page Wallet-Asset-Buy-Back and choose Lock-in Records.

2. Enter the lock record and click the buy-back button to convert the DIY to USDT.

3. Cash the converted USDT in the asset-USDT account

4. The staff of DIYchain will be fixed on the 20th of each month to process all withdrawals.

Thank you for your support for DIYchain. This repurchase is owned by DIYchain.

DIYchain Foundation